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Importance of Privacy

HCAI takes privacy and security seriously. It’s at the forefront of everything we do to develop and operate HCAI. We play an active role in safeguarding the privacy and security of all forms submitted via HCAI as well as assessing the impact of programs and upgrades prior to being designed and implemented.

HCAI users play an essential role in preventing breaches and securing sensitive information. This role is codified in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), which HCAI is required to comply with.

Explore the pages below for more information about privacy and security on HCAI.

  • Privacy Commitment

    Learn how HCAIP protects the confidentiality of personal information (PI) in HCAI

  • Storing and Sharing Information

    Learn best privacy practices for storing and sharing information at your organization

  • Access and Security

    Learn about your responsibilities for monitoring access to HCAI, and keeping your passwords and computer secure

  • Privacy Breaches

    Learn about what constitutes a privacy breach and what to do if you think there has been a breach of privacy

  • Claimants

    Learn what HCAI asks of claimants and how claimants can request access to their own personal information

  • Contact a Privacy Officer

    Learn how to contact HCAIP’s Chief Privacy Officer