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Deactivate Facility

Removing inactive Facilities benefits you

Removing inactive Facilities from HCAI benefits all HCAI users by reducing cyber security risks, as unmanaged and inactive accounts are more susceptible to fraudulent activity.

Your Facility should be end-dated if inactive

You may receive a deactivation letter or email if

  1. You did not submit an OCF within three months of your enrolment (as of May, 2017), or
  2. Your Facility does not have a valid, FSCO-issued Service Provider License and you haven’t submitted an OCF in one or more years.

When you receive this email, follow the instructions below to end-date your Facility.

If you do not end-date your Facility within the assigned time period, HCAI may manually end-date your Facility on your behalf. If you treat an MVA patient and must submit an OCF in the future, you can enroll with HCAI again.

How to End-date your Facility

Once a Facility’s end date is saved, all users will be automatically deactivated 15 days following the Facility’s deactivation date. During these 15 days, users will have access to their accounts unless they are manually deactivated as well. After this period, users will no longer have access to submitted OCFs. PDF versions of each submitted OCF should be printed, signed and stored securely at your Health Care Facility. You may also want to download and save a digital version in a secure place.

Only the Authorizing Officer or a user with the Facility Administrator role can deactivate a Facility.

Quick Tip: Do I have the Facility Administrator role? When logged in to HCAI, Facility Administrators are able to view the Manage tab and the Facility Management sub-tab.

  1. Sign in to
  2. Go to the Manage tab and Facility Management sub-tab. (View screenshot)
  3. Under Facility Details, insert the last day on which the Facility will operate in the “Facility End Date” field.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click <Save>.
HCF: Deactivate (End-Date) a Facility

Download PDF Manual

Managing Your Facility User Manual (PDF)