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Transferring Claims to Another Branch

When to Transfer a Claim

Transferring a claim will move the claim, all claimants and all associated documents to the new branch. Organizations may decide to transfer a claim between branches for a variety of reasons:

  • The claim needs to be assigned to an adjuster working under another branch
  • The claim may need to be associated to a particular branch
  • The organization maybe in the process of winding down a branch

Transferring of a claim is only available to non-integrated insurers and only a single claim can be transferred at a time.

Transferring A Claim

To transfer a claim to another branch, you must have the Form Manager or Claim-Claimant Administrator roles. Claims, whether active or deactivated, can be transferred to any branch that allows claimants to be set up under it within the same Insurance Company.

  1. Click on the Claims > Claims tab. The Claim search screen will appear.
  2. In the ‘Search for Claims’ section, enter relevant search criteria. Click ‘Search’.
  3. The screen will refresh and search results will appear.
  4. Click on the Claim Number which is to be transferred, the Claim Details screen will appear.
  5. In the ‘Claim Details’ section, select the branch you wish to transfer the claim to. Once you have chosen the appropriate branch, the adjuster field will become blank and require updating. Select the appropriate adjuster. If the claimants, associated to the claim have different adjusters this will be reflected in the adjuster section as ‘Multiple Adjusters’. Once you have updated the Branch and clicked ‘save’, a pop-up window will appear allowing you to select the appropriate adjuster for each claimant from a drop down menu, click ‘save’. (View screenshot)
  6. Press ‘Save’.
  7. The screen will automatically refresh and a confirmation message will appear.