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Manage my Facility

In order to update your Facility’s information, you must have the Facility Administrator role assigned.

Do I have the Facility Administrator role? When logged in to HCAI, Facility Administrators are able to view the Manage tab and the Facility Management sub-tab.

Quick tip: Avoid security risks and keep your Facility’s data safe by end-dating inactive Facilities and keeping provider information up-to-date.

Explore the icons below for step-by-step text and video instructions explaining how to perform Facility management duties.

  • Update Facility Information

    How to update facility name, address, phone number, contact one/two, and more

  • Update Provider Information

    How to add, delete, or update a provider

  • Deactivate Facility

    How to deactivate your Facility

  • Change Submission Method

    How to change submission method from PMS to Web, or from Web to PMS