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Enrolment Checklist

Don’t miss a step! Ensure your enrolment goes smoothly and keep track of your progress using the following checklist.

Find out if HCAI is right for my business
Decide if I will submit OCFs using or PMS (Practice Management System)
Choose an Authorizing Officer (AO) for my Facility
Go to to fill out the Enrolment Form
Submit the Enrolment Form electronically
Record the User Name(s) that are emailed to the AO email address (in a safe place, just until enrolment is complete)
Send my PMS User Name and password to my PMS Vendor (if I’m using one)
Print the Enrolment Form and have my AO sign page 3, section C
Scan and email the whole signed form to, or fax the form to HCAI Enrolment at 416-497-6505
Have all Providers sign an HCAI Terms and Conditions Dependent or Affiliated Provider form, and store them at my Facility (no need to send them to HCAI)
Sign in to using my User Name and password I created when I enrolled
Check my Facility’s status on the Facility Management screen
Once status is Approved, advise my PMS Vendor that my Facility is approved (if I’m using PMS)
Add the rest of the users to my Facility and assign appropriate levels of access
Understand Service Provider Licensing, and, if necessary, sign up at FSRA’s website
Visit Getting Started in HCAI to find out what to do next!

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For complete instructions explaining all of the above, visit: