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Enrol with HCAI

Interested in enrolling with HCAI? View the links below to make sure HCAI is right for your business and find out what steps you need to take to enroll.

  • Enrolment Checklist

    Don’t miss a step! Our checklist makes enrolment and set-up an easy process

  • Should I Enrol?

    Find out if HCAI applies to you or your business

  • How to Enrol

    Learn how to complete the online HCAI Enrolment Form

  • Getting Approved and Setting Up my Account

    View step-by-step instruction on finalizing your approval and signing in to HCAI for the first time

  • I’m Approved - Now What?

    How to get started using HCAI now that your Facility enrolment has been accepted