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HCAI Update - HCAI 2017, the Year Ahead / January 12, 2017

Looking back, 2016 was a very busy year for HCAI which included changes to all OCF forms and the introduction of the Form 1 in pilot. 2017 will feature two System Releases that aim to maintain the quality of the HCAI application, with only minor changes impacting the Health Care user community. These releases are scheduled to be deployed in the spring and fall.

As always, a separate communication has been issued to Practice Management System (PMS) vendors to give them ample time to implement and test any changes that may affect PMS users.

Spring System Release 3.17 – Live May 1, 2017

HCAI's spring system release, Release 3.17, focuses primarily on streamlining the HCAI application for clarity and ease of use. These system enhancements include:

  • A new search field in the User Management screen that will enable searching for users by email address and user name
  • Streamlining the user interface by removing outdated and unused functions, such as the Pending tab, from view
  • Continuing to support newer versions of web browsers

Fall System Release 3.18 – Live October 2, 2017

HCAI's fall system release, Release 3.18, builds on the user-friendly theme of the spring release. Development for Release 3.18 is still underway, but users can expect to see improvements arising from the Form 1 HCAI Pilot Project that was introduced in October 2016.

What’s Next?

HCAI is committed to providing Health Care Facilities with details to help you prepare for system releases. The general timeline for Release 3.17 communication activities is below:

Activity Mar-2017 Apr-2017
HCAI Update – Release 3.17 Bulletin  
What’s New? Release 3.17 Video  

Keep checking HCAIinfo - HCAI's dedicated eLearning resource site - for more updates and information throughout the year.

Please share this HCAI Update with individual(s) at your organization who interact with HCAI.