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HCAI Update - Release 3.19 / February 22, 2018

HCAI’s spring System Release 3.19 will be available on April 9, 2018.  Updates in Release 3.19 include:

  • New validation messages to help you remember the Guideline rules
  • Direct links within the HCAI application to relevant, helpful information
  • An improved OCF Search screen for more intuitive searches

Planned HCAI System Unavailability

In preparation for Release 3.19, the following system unavailability window is planned:

April 6 - April 9, 2018

  • The HCAI system will be unavailable from 5:00 p.m. (EDT) on Friday, April 6, 2018 and is expected to resume active status at 8:00 a.m. (EDT) on Monday, April 9, 2018.
  • Every Facility must have all of its transactions successfully processed by 4:59 p.m. (EDT) Friday, April 6, 2018.

What’s Changing?

  1. An improved OCF Search view
  2. The OCF Search screen layout has been improved to make your searches more intuitive. For more information, view our Release 3.19 ‘What’s New’ video, which will be distributed in March, to get a preview of the new look and feel.

  3. New validation messages
  4. Guideline rules can sometimes be challenging for both Insurers and Facilities to remember. Release 3.19 will introduce prompts to the OCF-18, OCF-23, OCF-21B, and OCF-21C to make navigating the applicable Guidelines as easy and transparent as possible.

    Please note that FSCO’s Guidelines have not changed. These improvements will not alter the way OCFs are submitted in HCAI. The updates are intended to make it easier for users to access the rules set out by FSCO..

    Updates to the OCF-18 and OCF-21B

    FSCO’s HCAI Guideline states that the Service Provider may only submit one OCF-21B for each OCF-18, per calendar month. 

    • When a user clicks ‘Create Invoice’ on an OCF-18 or ‘Submit’ on an OCF-21B, if an invoice has already been submitted in the same calendar month, a pop-up message will display to alert you that there has already been an invoice submission for this plan within this calendar month
    • If the pop-up displays, you will still be able to create and/or submit the invoice. Once the invoice is submitted, the insurer will see a message during adjudication indicating it is not the first invoice for the plan received that month.

    Updates to the OCF-23 and OCF-21C

    HCAI will now display the maximum fee amount for Minor Injury Guideline items. The Maximum Fee column will appear on the OCF-23 in Part 10: Guideline Services, and on the OCF-21C in the ‘Reimbursable Fees within the Minor Injury Guideline’ section.

    • If the Estimated Fee of a line item exceeds the Maximum Fee, a symbol will appear beside the item and a message will appear at the top of the appropriate section advising that the proposed amount exceeds the maximum allowable limit under the FSCO Minor Injury Guideline.
    • You will still be able to submit the plan or invoice if the message displays. The insurer will see the same message during adjudication.

    These features will be available to users through the HCAI web application ( If your Facility accesses HCAI using a Practice Management System (PMS), please check with your PMS Vendor to find out if these features will be implemented.

  5. Useful links to Important Information
  6. We’re making it quicker and easier for you to find relevant information as you use the HCAI application.

    • In the instructional text of Plans and Invoices, you’ll find direct links to HCAIinfo’s Resources page which connects you to the Superintendent Guideline, the Attendant Care Hourly Rate Guideline, the FSCO service provider registry, and other important resources.
    • At the top right of every screen on the web application you will now find a direct link to, HCAI’s dedicated eLearning resource website. Click the button to find text and video resources answering all your questions about filling out and tracking OCFs, managing your users, managing your facility information, recent HCAI news, and more.
  7. Continued support of new versions of web browsers
  8. For the safest user experience, access HCAI using a supported, up-to-date web browser. Starting in Release 3.19, HCAI will add support for Safari 10. HCAI recommends using Internet Explorer 11 for Microsoft users and Safari 10 for Mac users.
    Microsoft no longer provides security updates or technical support for Internet Explorer 8, 9, or 10, and the XP and Vista operating systems.  View HCAIinfo’s Computer Requirements and Tips page for more information about recommended settings.

  9. Automatic end-dating for unused, unlicensed Facilities
  10. A reminder that all Facility accounts that are both unused and unlicensed will be automatically deactivated 180 days after the start date in HCAI. Once deactivated, if you wish to use HCAI you must enrol with HCAI again. An unused account is one that has not submitted or saved a form in HCAI.

What’s Next?

  • Share this HCAI Update with individuals at your organization who interact with the HCAI system.
  • Keep checking HCAIinfo – HCAI’s dedicated eLearning resource site – over the coming months for more information.