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How Your Information is Used

HCAI is an electronic system that allows your Health Care Provider and your Insurer to safely and quickly exchange your claim information. HCAI employs security measures to keep your information secure while it is in the system. Your Provider will let you know when they are submitting a form for you and at times may require it to be signed by you. Feel free to ask about the submission of your claim—it is your right to do so.

Accessing your Personal Information

You can request to see what personal information has been submitted, or held by the Provider, about you. If there is a reason for making this request, please first approach the Provider or the Insurer. In most circumstances there will be no need to make the request of HCAI. However, in some circumstances it will be an option. To do so, please fill out this form and submit as outlined.

If your legal representative wishes to request your information, there are a number of extra steps. These steps will assist us in ensuring your data is disclosed to only those who have your permission. You may receive a call confirming that you have completed and signed the form. We will also confirm the name of the person to whom it should be addressed. PI will not be sent to a firm without a receiver’s name. This is in order to avoid it being rerouted to the mail room for someone to open and read while trying to determine where it belongs.