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  • I need help retrieving the verification code to log into HCAI

    The verification code is only sent to the email address or phone number associated with your HCAI user account. Make sure the email address on your user account is one you personally have access to. Your AO or another User Administrator can easily update your email address.

    Have them perform the following steps: 

    1. Go to the “Manage” tab and the “User Management” sub-tab
    2. Enter your name or username and press “search”
    3. Click on your name in the search results to open your user account
    4. Update the information in the “E-mail” and “Confirm E-mail” fields
    5. Press “Save”. Confirm the information is correct, and press “Save” again

    For more tips to ensure you will receive the verification codes and log into HCAI, visit HCAI Bootcamp or Verification Code Help pages.

  • I think my facility was deactivated. Why? Can I be reactivated?

    Facilities may be end-dated (deactivated) if:

      1. You did not save a draft or submit an OCF within180 days of your facility’s initial approval date  with HCAI, or
      2. Your Facility does not have a valid, FSRA-issued Service Provider License and you haven’t saved a draft or submitted an OCF in one or more years.

      If you received a deactivation email because your Facility fits the criteria outlined above, you should follow the instructions to end-date your Facility. If you do not end-date your Facility within the assigned time period, HCAI will end-date your Facility on your behalf.

      If you treat an MVA patient and must submit an OCF in the future, you can enroll with HCAI again. HCAI cannot simply reactivate your account; you must enrol anew.

      Follow the steps on the How to Enrol page to complete a new enrolment.

  • I need help changing my Facility’s Authorizing Officer

    Visit the Authorizing Officer Information page to find detailed instructions on how to complete the following tasks:

    • Change the name of your Facility’s AO
    • Change the email address of your Facility’s AO
    • What to do if your AO leaves and no other user has the ability to update AO information

    Please note that any change to the Authorizing Officer’s name invalidates the contract between HCAI and your Facility. This means that your Facility will be temporarily deactivated until a new contract is printed, signed by the new Authorizing Officer, and submitted to Facility Support. You will see the option to print the contract appear on the Facility Management page. View the Authorizing Officer Information page for step-by-step instructions.

  • I need help with Service Provider Licensing

    Visit the Management and Administration > Service Provider Licensing page to find detailed information about the following:

    • What is FSRA’s Service Provider Licensing?
    • How do I apply for a Service Provider Licence?
    • How do I enter my FSRA Licence Number into my HCAI account?
    • Do I need to renew my Service Provider Licence?
    • How can I submit an invoice without a Service Provider Licence?
    • How can I submit an invoice if the service was provided before I was licenced?

    You can also visit FSRA’s comprehensive service provider licence page.

  • I need help submitting invoices for direct payment by the Insurer

    In order to be paid directly by an Insurer, your Facility must have a valid FSRA Service Provider Licence at the time of the treatment/service and when the invoice is submitted via HCAI.

    For more information on invoicing, visit our OCF-21C or OCF-21B pages.

    For more information on Service Provider Licensing, visit our Service Provider Licensing page or FSRA’s Service Provider Licence page.

  • How do I submit invoices if I do not have a Service Provider Licence?

    If your facility does not have a valid FSRA Service Provider Licence at the time of treatment/service and when the invoice is submitted via HCAI, you cannot be paid directly by the insurer.

    For facilities that do not have a licence, there is an additional process for completing an OCF-21:

    • In Part 4, ‘No’ must be selected for the question, “Is the payee the health care facility?”
    • Complete and submit the invoice in HCAI. Print the submitted invoice and provide it to the claimant.
    • Part 4 of the printed invoice will be watermarked with a message that the claimant must be paid directly.
    • The claimant submits the copy to their insurer to be paid.

    For more information, review our Service Provider Licensing page or step-by-step instructions on completing the OCF-21B or OCF-21C.

  • I need help enrolling with HCAI

    Our New to HCAI page outlines the steps for enrolling with HCAI. To help walk you through the process we also developed a handy Enrolment Checklist.

  • I need help retrieving my HCAI password

    If you forgot your HCAI password, use the Forgot Your Password link, located at the bottom of the HCAI login page. Enter your User Name and click on the “Reset Password” button to receive a password reset email.

    If your HCAI User Profile does not have an email address associated with it, your Facility Administrator can reset your password for you. For step-by-step instructions and more information, review our Password and User Name page. When the AO resets your password, they can also add an email address to your user account.

    If you are the Authorizing Officer and you did not receive your password reset email, you will need to follow up with HCAI Facility Support to have your password manually reset. Complete the Contact form within "I still need help with HCAI" section outlining your Facility name, number, and the AO name and email address to have the AO’s password reset.

  • I need help determining what type of Provider can sign my treatment plan

    Visit our Provider Support page for step-by-step instructions on how to complete each part of the OCF-18, OCF-23, Form 1, OCF-21B, and OCF-21C.


    • Part 4 of an OCF-18 can only be signed by a Health Practitioner, as defined by the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule. The Practitioner can be either associated with or external to your health care facility.
    • Part 5 of an OCF-18 can be signed by a Health Practitioner or a Regulated Health Professional, as defined by the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule. The Health Practitioner or Health Professional who signs must be associated with your Facility.


    • Per the HCAI Guideline, the Health Practitioner’s profession in Part 4 of the OCF-23 must be one of the following: Chiropractor, Dentist, Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Therapist, Physician, or Physiotherapist. The Health Practitioner must be associated with your Facility.

    Form 1

    • The Form 1 can only be signed by an Occupation Therapist or a Registered Nurse. This assessor must be associated with your Facility.
  • I still need help with HCAI

    Facility support is happy to answer how-to questions related to the HCAI application by pointing users to resources on HCAIinfo.

    Since Facility Support is only able to answer questions regarding the functioning of the HCAI application itself, certain queries should be directed to other parties.

    If you have a question about… You should direct your questions to:
    Service provider licensing FSRA’s SPL resources
    Coding inquiries (e.g. which code to use) Health Professional Association
    Fees (e.g. how much to charge for a service) Professional Services Guideline / Health Professional Association
    Payment Inquiries (e.g. why haven’t I been paid yet by the insurer?) The Claimant’s adjuster
    How Associated Providers should be paid Health Professional Association
    Explanation of adjudications (adjuster decisions) The Claimant’s adjuster
    Questions regarding your Practice Management System (PMS) if your Facility uses software to integrate with HCAI Your PMS Vendor

    Technical Helpdesk

    HCAI not performing as expected? Contact the HCAI Technical Helpdesk for assistance at 1.888.422.4123.

    Contact the HCAI Team

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