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HCAI Update - Release 3.20 / June 28, 2018

Fall System Release 3.20

This fall, we’re continuing to deliver operational improvements in response to insurer requests, offering more flexibility on how you manage your claims, users and branches. To make things easier, we’re also including technological improvements that provide new options for claim and document searching and a new widescreen view.

Here are the five exciting changes to anticipate when Release 3.20 goes live on October 1, 2018 and what you can do to prepare.

What’s changing?
  1. The all-new HCAI Dashboard
  2. You asked us for a consolidated view of assigned claimants and documents, so we made it happen. The all-new HCAI Dashboard is designed to help adjusters, as well as managers and claims staff, oversee and prioritize their workload. For the first time, adjusters will see their assigned claimants in HCAI organized by the length of time they’ve been open. Adjusters will also see a breakdown of submitted forms that require a decision organized by the number of days left to respond. Managers and claims staff will see a consolidated roll up of this information across the entire insurer or branch, depending on their level of access.

    The HCAI Dashboard will appear on a new tab called ‘Dashboard’. In this initial roll out, there will be two possible versions of the HCAI Dashboard that will vary depending on your view: (1) an adjuster view (for users with adjuster-level access and the form adjuster role) and (2) an insurer/branch view (for users with insurer-level access and the form manager or claim/claimant administrator role).

    To ensure this function is available to adjusters, we strongly encourage that you review adjuster and user records and confirm:

    • All adjuster profile email addresses are complete and up-to-date in the Manage > Insurer Management tab
    • All user email addresses are entered correctly in the Manage > User Management tab
  3. Updated OCF & Claimant search screens & download your search results
  4. In response to a need for refined results, we have enhanced the search options on the OCF and Claimant search screens. You will also be able to download your search results into CSV format.

    At this time, search results will continue to be limited to worklists a user has been granted access to.

  5. Mandatory submission of Form 1 (Assessment of Attendant Care Needs form) via HCAI
  6. Do you want to lessen your paperwork? With Release 3.20, you are one step closer, as insurers will receive Form 1s exclusively via HCAI. As of October 1, 2018 FSCO has made the submission of Form 1 through HCAI mandatory. To support your business, Form 1 will be added as an option or automatically included in various reports, allowing for easier viewing and management of data.

  7. Allowing transfer of claims to another branch
  8. We continue to work on improvements that will streamline claims and the user set up process. In Release 3.20, non-integrating insurers will be able to transfer claims individually from one branch to another. This new functionality will provide you with the opportunity to clean up and deactivate branches where you have only a few claims remaining.

    You will notice the branch field will become editable on the Claim Details screen. A Claim/Claimant Administrator can move any claim with associated claimants and documents to another branch so long as it is within the same Insurance Company. Please note that this functionality is restricted to non-integrating insurers, however, bulk branch update via integration will be coming in a future release.

  9. Maturing HCAI
  10. We continue to evolve HCAI in response to your helpful feedback. In Release 3.20, you’ll get a full screen experience. You can also save your preference for the tab you would like to see when you log-in to HCAI.

    For the safest user experience, access HCAI using a supported, up-to-date web browser. HCAI recommends using Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 7 for Microsoft users, and Safari 10 and Mac OS X 10.12 for Mac users.  We recommend not to enable Compatibility View for when using Internet Explorer 11. View HCAIinfo’s Computer Requirements and Tips page for more information about recommended settings.

Summary of exciting changes in HCAI:

  • New HCAI Dashboard, which displays an interactive overview of all activities.
  • Better refine your search and, for the first time, be able to download search results.
  • Receive Form 1 exclusively via HCAI.
  • Individually transfer claims to another branch (only non-integrating insurers).
  • Experience HCAI using the new wide screen view.
What’s next?
  • Review each change individually to find out what preparation work is needed to benefit from Release 3.20.
  • Share this update with individual(s) at your organization who interact with the HCAI system so they know what to expect this spring.