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HCAI Two-Factor Authentication Rollout for All Users / October 27, 2022

To continue our focus on maturing HCAI security, we will begin the rollout of two-factor authentication for all users following the implementation of HCAI System Release 3.29 in April of 2023. Two-factor authentication was first launched in the spring of 2022 for user accounts with the User Administrator role. Details about how this functionality is evolving were recently shared with the HCAI Insurer User Group (IUG) at their September meeting and can be reviewed in the minutes and PowerPoint that were distributed to insurers. If you did not receive these meeting materials, reach out to your IUG representatives to request a copy.

New 2FA Features Included in this Rollout

  • Users will have the option to receive their verification code via either email or text message
  • Most users will have the option to indicate that their device is trusted, to reduce the frequency of verification code use
  • A new “My Profile” tab will be available for all users in HCAI as of Release 3.29. This will allow each user to review their contact information in advance of two-factor authentication rollout, and add a telephone number to receive verification codes via text. All other user account updates continue to be performed by your User Administrator.

Insurers should inform their technical teams that two-factor authentication will launch for all users in the spring, to ensure automated processes are not impacted.

Further details will be shared in the new year as the rollout approaches.