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Enrolment forms

Please note: this page deals specifically with Insurer Enrollment in HCAI. For Health Care Facility Enrolment, please click here.

Please ensure an enrolment package is completed and signed for each Parent and/or Child insurance company that needs to enroll with HCAI.

Insurer Enrolment Package
Material (PDF) Review? Sign?
1. Enrolment Form
2. HCAI Insurer Terms and Conditions New
This document has been updated to reflect that FSRA is the regulator, having assuming the regulatory functions of FSCO as of June 8, 2019. The updated Terms and Conditions are effective as of May 2, 2022.
3. Insurer Direction for HCAI Inc. to disclose information to Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) for specified purposes
4. Health Claims for Auto Insurance Processing Application for Membership
5. Health Claims for Auto Insurance Processing By-Law 1  

Where do I send enrolment forms?

Completed and signed forms and supplementary documents can be scanned and sent to