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HCAI Integration

HCAI is proud to support your business by providing integration support. Integration allows your organization to pull data from HCAI (via extracts) or put data into HCAI (via feeds).

This page will explain what HCAI integration is, how it might suit your business needs and how to get started.

Additional technical information is always available via IBC’s secured member services website.

What is Integration?

At a high level, HCAI Integration is an optional service that allows you to exchange data in HCAI with other products and services in your organization without accessing the HCAI web portal.

Insurers have used HCAI Integration to feed and extract data with:

  • Claims software (e.g. Guidewire)
  • Analytics software
  • Fraud detection services

Conceptually, HCAI supports two types of integration functions, called feeds and extracts. Feeds are initiated by the insurer and pass information into the HCAI system. Extracts are also initiated by the insurer and request information from the HCAI system.

HCAI has two available integration settings:

  • Insurer Claim-Claimant Feed – used to upload claim and claimant data to HCAI
  • Insurer All-data extract – used to download all HCAI OCF data

How do I know which integration settings are right for me?

If you are unsure about which integration settings are right for you, please contact Insurer Integration Support at

How do I sign up for HCAI Integration?

Insurers can sign up for HCAI Integration, or change their integration settings at any time by filling in the HCAI Integration Settings Update Form.

This form should be completed by an individual with the authorization to request changes to the Insurer’s HCAI settings.

Insurers who are intending to enroll with HCAI can opt-in at time of enrolment. To enroll with HCAI at time of enrolment, ensure you complete Section C and D of the HCAI Insurer Enrolment Form.