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Enrol with HCAI

Please note: This page deals specifically with Insurer Enrolment in HCAI. For Health Care Facility Enrolment, please click here.

Who should enrol with HCAI?

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) mandated use of the HCAI system in 2010. Every insurer licensed to write automobile liability insurance in Ontario is required to enrol with HCAI and comply with regulations related to the HCAI system.

The paper forms required to enrol with HCAI must be completed by a senior-level employee of the insurer organization with authorization to bind the company.

When should my organization enrol with HCAI?

Insurers should be enrolled with HCAI before auto policies begin being issued on behalf of the Insurer in Ontario.
Once the completed enrolment forms are received, it can take up to five business days for the organization to be set up in HCAI.

How do I enrol with HCAI?

Please ensure an enrolment package is completed and signed for each Parent and/or Child insurance company that needs to enrol with HCAI.

Insurer Enrolment Package
Material (PDF) Review? Sign?
1. Enrolment Form
2. HCAI Insurer Terms and Conditions New
This document has been updated to reflect that FSRA is the regulator, having assuming the regulatory functions of FSCO as of June 8, 2019. The updated Terms and Conditions are effective as of May 2, 2022.
3. Insurer Direction for HCAI Inc. to disclose information to Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) for specified purposes
4. Health Claims for Auto Insurance Processing Application for Membership
5. Health Claims for Auto Insurance Processing By-Law 1  

HCAI Integration

Some insurers opt to integrate their software, such as their claims management system, with HCAI to exchange data.
Integration with HCAI is optional. Insurers can decide to integrate with HCAI when they submit their enrolment paperwork, or at a later time.

If your organization is interested in learning more about integration and how it might work in your business, click here.

Where do I send enrolment forms?

Completed and signed forms and supplementary documents can be scanned and sent to

I sent my enrolment forms, what’s next?

Once the completed and signed enrolment forms are received, HCAI Insurer Support will send a request to the HCAI developer, who will set up the insurer in ‘inactive’ status and set up the Organization Administrator designated on your enrolment form.
The Organization Administrator will be responsible for:

  • Setting up branches/claim groups within the organization
  • Setting up other users in the organization
  • Activating the insurer on HCAI so that it is visible to submitting health care facilities

If you indicated on your enrolment forms that you wish to Integrate with HCAI, you will be contacted by a Technical Integration Analyst to begin testing. For more information on Integration and HCAI, click here.