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Insurer Name Changes

Name Changes in HCAI

When an insurer decides to rename the organization, either because of a merger or rebranding, there are a few important factors to consider. Most importantly, submitting health care facilities will need to be aware of your name change so that they can continue to submit OCFs to your organization. The name you select will also appear at the top of printed Ontario Claims Forms (OCFs).

Insurance companies that would like to change their name must complete a name change form. This form binds the new legal company name to the HCAI Terms and Conditions. The display name in HCAI does not necessarily need to reflect the full legal name, but it should provide enough guidance to the submitting health care facility about which insurer to select.

Other factors to consider:

  • The name cannot exceed 50 characters (including spaces)
  • It is the responsibility of the insurer to contact every affected policyholder, current claimant and submitting health care facility to advise them of the name change

Name Change Process

To request a name change in HCAI:

  1. Review and complete the ‘Insurer Name or Address Change Form
  2. Send the form to HCAI Insurer Support
  3. HCAI Insurer Support will review the request
  4. HCAI Insurer Support will advise insurer if the name change is accepted