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Updating Contact Information

It’s important to ensure your organization’s contact information, especially the phone number and email address for Contact 1, Contact 2, and Chief Privacy Officer, is always kept up-to-date in HCAI.

Contact 1 and Contact 2 are the only two individuals in your organization who receive HCAI’s information and updates via email. These two individuals play a vital role in distributing this information to others in your organization.

To update your company information, you must have the organization administrator level of access.

  1. Click on the Manage > Insurer Management tab. The ‘Insurer Details’ screen will appear.
  2. Update any of the editable fields in the ‘Insurer Details’ section, excluding the ‘Insurer Name’ field*. (View screenshot)
    * If you need to change your organization’s name, please review the ‘Name Changes’ page for more information.
  3. When you have finished updating the ‘Insurer Details’ section, press the ‘Save’ button.