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Storing and Sharing Information

Dos and Don’ts

  • Do ensure information is directed to the correct Facility.  Especially with OCFs, which contain personal information in them.
  • Do protect paper copies of signed OCFs. Once an OCF is printed, it is the responsibility of the Insurer to protect it. Paper copies of the OCFs should follow your organization’s policies for printing, storing, and disposal. Retention guidelines should define which version is the official copy and apply separate and shorter time lines for copies.
  • Do not fax or mail any claimant information to HCAI. Insurers must only submit claimant information via the electronic system ( or through your integrated system). Faxing or mailing to HCAI will constitute a breach of privacy and the Insurer’s Privacy Office will be notified. The information will be shredded by HCAI.